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About Us

At Spectronics we strive to be better everyday: to act safely; to act responsibly in the interest of our employees, customers and community; to provide quality products and services- on time and as expected; to be a valuable team member that is committed to the overall success of the project and its stakeholders.

Overall Mission:

To be better everyday.

Core Values:



Spectronics has been providing quality goods and services to the retail, commercial, industrial and maritime/Naval markets for over 35 years. Spectronics has consistently provided a wide range of products, supplies and services for a varying and diverse catalog of customers, end users and projects.

Spectronics began as a provider of general line electronics (such as resistors, wire, cabling, low voltage accessories and general electronics components) and has evolved into a provider of a diverse catalog of products and supplies for the US Government, US Navy, US Naval Shipbuilders, Municipal Governments, State Governments, commercial and industrial contractors and facilities.


Over the past 35 years, Spectronics has amassed volumes of searchable sales history that includes many hard to find, hard to source and hard to identify items. Spectronics specializes in taking NSNs, product descriptions, cage codes and part numbers and finding the needed items for our clients. Spectronics has supplied goods and services to many projects over the years. Some of our notable Naval projects are vessel classes: DDG, LHA, NSC and LPD class hulls.

Our offerings very immensely and include, but are not limited to: general line electronics and components, medical supplies, PPE, relays, circuit breakers, fuses, fuse holders, lighting/lamps, hand tools (including hard to find forged and brass non-sparking tools), large tools, equipment and accessories that span the imagination.