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Available Parts

Spectronics List of Available Parts   (251)344-0450
NSN Part # Description
3020-01-522-6751 6147-098-000 Gear, Spur
4210-00-022-3082 MIL-H-24146 Head, Sprinkler
4210-00-307-4699 35RBG1500215002 Coupling, Fire Hose
4240-00-540-0623 KKC450 Helmet
4330-00-780-7565 MSC1001EC Element, Filter Fluid
4330-00-938-8044 P-1-16-2 Element, Filter
4330-01-529-8436 CTC2645L Filter Element, Fluid
4520-01-384-6272 6026093 Heater, Electric
4610-00-776-0688 D0811 Cartridge, Oxygen
5110-00-293-3402   Cutter
5110-00-720-0711   Ax, Single
5110-00-764-5222   Cutter
5110-01-335-1366 HS18A Saw, Hand
5120-00-199-7769 LDH602 Socket
5120-00-203-4808 0P1240 Wrench
5120-00-203-4815 1224 Wrench
5120-00-224-7375   Screwdriver
5120-00-227-8107 GGGW641TPX111CL1 Extension
5120-00-236-2264 MS16254-3 Socket
5120-00-240-1418 TMS-4D Handle
5120-00-240-5396   Handle, Socket
5120-00-243-1689 FX2 Extension, Socket
5120-00-288-9284 W270S Socket
5120-00-293-1408 3416A15 Punch, Starter
5120-00-424-9078 TE50FUA Wrench, Torque
5120-00-596-8508 FA8A Screwdriver
5120-01-065-3233 TESU10 Socket
5120-01-066-3851 FESU-120 Socket
5120-01-115-6873 SDDZ50 Screwdriver
5120-01-296-6070   Wrench, Torque
5120-01-335-1081 MS16252-3 Ratchet
5120-01-335-1509 AW1011KB Key Set
5120-01-428-8156 S5 Nutdriver
5120-01-528-5343 AA184-1032 Inserter
5210-00-357-5951   Gage, Depth
5210-00-542-4602   Gage, Depth
5305-01-495-7701 92095A284 Screw
5310-01-407-1692 AWSR1002 Washer, Recessed
5310-01-420-8834 1395689-1 Washer, Flat
5310-01-478-4201 92148A200 Washer
5310-01-482-9266 93475A270 Washer
5330-01-044-7835 M85028/3 Seal, Interfacial Electrical
5330-01-044-7835 M85028/3 Seal, Interfacial Electrical
5330-01-329-9649 928582 Seal, Plain
5330-01-485-3619 A7577 Gasket
5820-00-999-2591 F54211 (AM3729/SR) Amplifier, Audio
5905-01-567-3519 11312-466G (RK73B3ATTE473G) Resistor
5920-00-140-0096 F03B250V2AS Fuse
5920-00-503-4843 GLD-3 Fuse, Cartridge
5920-00-538-5987 F60C500V2AS Fuse
5920-00-665-0515 GLD-1 Fuse, Cartridge
5920-00-681-4439 HPC Fuse Holder
5920-00-901-4731 FHL10U Holder, Fuse
5920-00-926-7517 FHL18G2-02 Extractor Post Fuseholder
5920-01-467-5188 LAC-FC Fuse
5920-01-467-5188 LAC-FC Fuse
5920-01-492-0420 IS-NEMP-C1 Arrester, Lightning
5930-00-300-2937 90E502 Seal, Drip Proof
5930-00-660-4118 MS24525-27 Switch, Toggle
5930-00-892-9050 MS24660-22D Switch, Toggle
5930-01-212-1696 M15291/5-001 Switch, Rotary
5930-01-294-3703 5223019-12 Switch
5930-01-480-2473 100P41CC3S Switch, Pressure
5930-01-618-8343 902240-1 Footswitch
5935-00-926-7523 M55339/17-00274 Adapter, Coaxial RF
5935-01-033-9639 UG-30E/U Adapter, CND Conn
5935-01-037-3476 M55339/16-00914 BNC, Male to Male
5935-01-095-6418 M55339/49-00349 Adapter, Coaxial RF
5935-01-159-5514 M55339/29-30 Adapter, Connector
5935-01-348-5863 M85049/10-61W Backshell Elec Conn, Straight
5935-01-536-4161 BNC-3192 Coaxial Adapter
5945-01-161-8122 EPC-12057 Relay, Time Delay
5950-01-137-7837 B050BTZ13JK Transformer, Stepdown
5963-01-270-0670 28EB50 Module, Power
5965-00-296-5283 815-1853041 (SYM2921) Hook, Headset
5970-00-962-3335 S522080 Insulating Varnish
5975-01-016-6041 CES-2 Seal, Cable
5985-00-519-9886 AS-390A-SRC Antenna, UHF
5985-01-037-1727 M3933/18-03N Attenuator, Fixed
5985-01-633-4897 XP-NC8B Antenna, Flexible
5995-01-190-9475 55601401/36 Cable Assembly
5996-01-441-3360 AM2210N/WTC Amplifier, Audio
5999-00-489-3267 M39029/45-295 Contact, Elec Conn
5999-01-078-0377 MS3348-8-10 Contact
6060-01-493-3524 M29504/14-4141C Contact, Fiber Optic
6160-00-752-2184 W-B-177 Battery Filler
6210-00-234-2867 LH98/4 Light Indicator
6210-00-548-0191 MS17153-13 Lens, Yellow
6505-01-153-4192   Providone- Iodine Prep Solution
6505-01-282-8880   Activated Charcoal Suspension
6510-00-690-6940 2038635 Pad, Isoproply
6510-01-230-8702 207001 Bandage, Gauze
6515-01-099-8517   Syringe, Irrigating
6515-01-153-4859   Brace, Wrist, Left
6515-01-209-0699   Bag, Valve, Mask, Resucitator
6515-01-251-1868   Brace, Wrist, Right
6515-01-252-5599   Skin Stapler, Disposable
6515-01-312-0924   Bag, Valve, Mask, LSP
6515-01-316-6153   Needle, Hypodermic
6515-01-467-8087   Oxygen, Nasal Cannula
6515-01-512-8139 9122-00 Splint, Stax, Mallet Fin
6515-01-519-6766   Oxygen, Non-Rebreather
6515-01-563-0369   Syringe, 20CC
6530-01-556-2372   Light, UV, Specimen Exam
6532-01-333-0695   Blanket, Burn Relief
6605-00-818-3897   Clinometer, Ships Heel
6605-00-825-5618   Clinometer, Ships Trim
6630-01-165-7133 B-2 Testing Kit, Petroleum
6640-00-159-2506 14-809A Rack, Test Tube
6640-01-226-2936 14-642-5D Stopper, Bottle
6665-01-416-7938 N-18004 (1200-29) Calibration Kit (H2S)
6685-00-078-6987 H-600-A-1014 Humidistat Control
6685-00-261-4860 18-015-209 Gauge, Pressure
6685-00-261-4860 18-015-209 Gauge, Pressure
6810-DW-500-5591 F1000728 Alcohol, Denatured
6830-00-169-0805   Cylinder, Oxygen 200 CUFT
6830-01-479-7893 G1959140 Nitrogen
7025-01-585-9444 KIT66P3W-BR-P0719 Keyboard, Data Entry
7240-00-178-8286 RRS30STY2-5GL Safety Can
7510-00-266-5016   Tape, Pressure Sensitive
7520-01-060-5820   Pen, Ball Point
7930-00-266-7135 SILVER METAL Polish, Metal
8120-00-193-1698 RR-C-901 Cylinder, Compressed
8120-00-268-3360 MIL-DTL-3701 Cylinder, Acetylene
8120-00-357-7992   Cap, 200 CUFT Cylinder
8415-01-092-3910 HH-G-450 Gloves
8415-01-466-3174   Gloves, Insert- Cold Weather
8415-01-623-9598   Gloves, SZ1
8415-01-623-9601   Gloves, SZ2
8415-01-623-9604   Gloves, SZ4
8415-01-623-9605   Gloves, SZ5
9999-LL-CJ8-8852 24-1 F50G Adapter
9999-LL-CJ8-8853 720-FSO-04 X 04 Adapter
9999-LL-CJ8-8879 719-FS0-08 X 05 Reducer
9999-LL-CQA-6715 AR80 Cylinder, Argon 80CF
9999-LL-CQA-9086 5750A43 Bit, Screw
  SYM 2793 (S6505-74249) Reel Assembly, Cable
  SFA37T4K219B-F Capacitor, Motor Run
  7022L8DN Relay, Time Delay
  S4204S2207N Adapter, Elec Conn Straight
  FHL12U Holder, Fuse
  5599801-2 Joint, Pipe
  7012L8DN Relay, Time Delay
  RCR42G682JS Resistor, Fixed
  MIL-P-17578 TYI Packing Plastic
  2915825-6 Clamp Assembly, Cable
  CCF601K50FKE36 Resistor, Metal Film
  CSB-2K Boot, Cold Shrink
  12532AZ8ZR Resistor, Fixed
  FHL10U Holder, Fuse
  R-134A Refrigerant
  CTC2645P Cartridge Removal, Oxygen
  CSB-1K Boot, Cold Shrink
  USPM-0469 Enclosure, Foal
  UOJ-3500 Drill, Magnetic
  CSB-4K Boot, Cold Shrink
  CSB-2K Boot, Cold Shrink
  47-110100-CL Tubing, Shrink Commercial Clear 1"
  47-10950-CL Tubing, Shrink Commercial Clear 3/4"
  S4204R2406N Adapter, Elec Conn 90 degree
  S4204-1606N Adapter, Elec Conn Straight
  171D8WC-S0.5 Switch, Pressure
  171D8WC-S1.5 Switch, Pressure
  OPT-VTCE Enclosure
  54179 Lug, One Hole (3/8 Hole, 300 Cable)
  EEP-53A Indicator, Sight
  CAT-95 Indicator, Sight
  Type II Liquid Level Indicator, Sight
  H4S-281832 Wire, Locking Round
  A-A-55126 Tape, Elec Insul 1" X 50 yds
  230-170 Scale, Spring 100 Lbs Capacity
  230-163 Scale, Platform 1000 Lbs Capacity
  366-8864-0933-523 (512-45650-03) Indicator, Light Assembly
  LH94/2 Light Indicator
  KM500V-20-18 Hoist, Chain
  1400 Sierra Monitor Detector, Gas (H2S Detection System)
  T9-MS1-25 Switch, Toggle
  8834T36 Tie Down Ratchet (2" X 12FT)
  SB-500-6 Bushing, Cable Insul
  S4278R1412 Adapter, Elec Conn 90 degree
  S4204-1612 Adapter, Elec Conn Straight
  S4171-1716 Adapter, Elec Conn Straight
  KIT 38081 Plug, Assembly Metallic
  STY-100S Indicator, Flow Sight
  4-H-5-8 Clamp, Beam
  JB8610-105 Cable Assembly, Shipboard
  STY-200S Indicator, Flow Sight
  910-F Indicator, Flow Sight
  MJ110C5E-S Jack, Telephone
  7012-L8DN Relay, Time Delay
  SSGU-100 Lug (Solder Type for SSGU-100 Cable)
  CAT-27 Square Spray Nozzle, Spray
  FHL10U Holder, Fuse
  VTM08-0011 Box, Drop
  Model 9082 Additive, Water
  MSC08-2097 Box Assembly, Cat5E Secure
  10HA1C5F1J1LWWWWN1R1V14 Switch, Pushbutton
  337 Scale, Physician
  M28840/16AB1S1 Connector
  JTRJ45-16NXL Connector
  Type II Liquid Level Indicator, Sight
  EP913 Pendant, Pushbutton
  8834T36 Tie Down Ratchet (2" X 12FT)
  TNN1-1-150 Terminator
  W30 Trimmer, Insul paper
  030072-01 (Extren 525) Channel
  EEP-910-F (2 1/2 IPS) Indicator, Sight Flow
  EEP-910-F (4 IPS) Indicator, Sight Flow
  M83536/10-026-M Relay, Electromagnetic
  EEP-910-F (1 1/2 IPS) Indicator, Sight Flow
  Type II Liquid Level Indicator, Sight
  Type II Liquid Level Indicator, Sight
  33-AELM1200 Filter
  PCJ864LF Enclosure, Watertight
  910-F (1 IPS) Indicator, Sight Flow
  Type 2 Lqd Lvl (3/4 IPS C/ C = 25 1/2 IN) Indicator, Sight
  A20P20 Panel, Control
  369P504X9700A24PX Capacitor
  953-1061 Cap, Dust
  FS1242N Jack Clip
  Liquid Level (3/4 NPS C to C = 20.5 IN) Indicator, Sight
  47-110100-CL Tubing, Shrink 1" Clear
  2761826 Connector
  11312-418G (RK73B3ATTE153G) Resistor
  Baldor-500 Grinder, Machinist Bench Top
  MCS1001EC Element, Filter
  1401-05 Head, Detector (H2S)
  FIG-470-F Indicator, Sight Flow
  CSB-5K Boot, Cold Shrink
  02-0400-02 Sensor
  OC-09-530-SOA Buzzer
  910-F (3/4 IPS) Indicator, Flow Sight
  910-F (1 1/2 IPS) Indicator, Flow Sight
  MS3106F20-19P Connector
  10-407-189-172 Connector
  EEP-910-HP Indicator, Sight Flow
  07A33A18A4B Filter, Regulator Lubricator
  02-402-02 Box, Junction
  ML15RAS1RS Refrigerator, Compact
  Series-FIF Sightglass
  BIDA-100B-30P Amplifier, TV Broadband
  EEP-608-F (3/4 IPS) Indicator, Sight Flow
  EEP-910-F (3/4 IPS) Indicator, Sight Flow
  07A42A13A2BD Filter, Assy Lubricator
  STY-200S (1 1/2 IPS) Indicator, Sight Flow
  EEP-54A Indicator, Liquid Level
  Type II Lqd Lvl (3/4 IPS C to C = 35 IN) Indicator, Sight
  11-AV Vent, Air
  M83536/10-026-M Relay, Electromagnetic
  Series-LF8 Breaker, Vacuum
  10554535 Exhaust, Welding Fume
  Type II Lqd Lvl (3/4 IPS C to C = 27 IN) Indicator, Sight